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The First Charitable Organization To Make Use Of QR Codes – Bullying UK

Bullying UK with a strong agenda knew that they had to fight bullying in as many ways as they can and they’ve decided to use QR Codes to promote their anti-bullying campaigns too! It’s ground-breaking, really, because this is the first time ANY charitable organization is actually using the QR Code system to promote an event or organization of this kind.

Together with TalkTalk Innovation, Bullying UK got the QR Code promotional efforts running and this effort saved many other schools truckloads of money which is around the estimated amount of 34,000 pounds! Bullying UK ran a poster project during the anti-bullying week, which ran between November 17th till November 21st and they received a grand of 2,000 pounds to help fund their project. It’s barely enough, in our personal opinion – but they got it running anyway.

The QR Code project allows for mobile phone numbers to spread the message via posters that can be downloaded when the QR codes are scanned into mobile phones. In fact, whenever a youngster felt like he or she would like to put a little bit of effort and contribute his or her creativity to the project, they can log into Bullying UK website at www.bullying.co.uk to make their own posters. Once complete, the youngster can proceed to print the poster out…the poster contains two very special QR Code on them.

One QR Code leads the mobile user to the specific poster and download it to their mobile phones, which can be used as a wallpaper if so wish to. On top of that, the poster with QR codes on them can be shared amongst these youngsters via MMS or Bluetooth transmission.

Well, the other QR Code will lead the mobile phone user to the Bullying UK website where more information about their efforts and activities can be found. We are not sure what to expect of such an innovative effort but considering the fact that the stats showed that more than 10,000 of these posters were downloaded and shared, it’s a huge step for the charitable organization!

It gives humanity a little bit of hope with this new technology especially when such a strong message, like anti-bullying, can be widely spread amongst youngsters with mobile phones.

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