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The Difference Between PC Users And Mobile Phone Users


Internet marketing is no longer a new thing and it seems as though many big brands, if they know what’s good for them, are already on the bandwagon. Now, with a new twist in this methodology, we’re just mildly surprise that it took the Internet Advertising Bureau this long to do a market research on mobile marketing.

In conclusion to their studies, it was said that they found that mobile display advertising helps tremendously in terms of promoting brands. Recently, Kit Kat wanted to know how many people accessed their banner advertisements clicked on them via mobile phones. It’s an important part of understanding the demographic and segregating the mobile phone users and computers. The stats will also help the company decide on how to approach their potential customers.

It was found that thirty-odd percent of the people had increased spontaneous reactions towards the brand name and an astounding seventy-six percent of them who clicked on the ad revealed that they WILL buy the product after seeing the advertisement. It was also found that most of the people who used their mobile phones to access the website belonged to the 18-34 age group because these are the people who used their mobile phones the most, as opposed to those who prefer conventional methods like newspaper advertisements, commercials and personal computers.

It shows that the heavier the use, the more likely they are to recognize the logo and brand when they see it in a mall or a convenience store. For instance, for those who used their mobile phones to surf the internet regularly (as opposed to every once in a while), they say that they are more receptive towards the advertisements.

Internet users are different from mobile phone internet users because of their attention span and their preference for the zoom-in method. A conventional website could contain lots of links, information, write-up on one page and it would not confuse the user (not much, anyway). On the other hand, because of limitations of the screen and them being on the go, users prefer it if the mobile web page which is direct and to-the-point. The creative team would have to learn to be more direct and focused about their intention.

Another thing that differentiates mobile phone users from the PC user is that mobile phone users would most likely click on a link or scan a QR Code if there was something in it for them….like, something free! For PC users, information is the key to exposure and as you can see, the mobile user market is a very much different one, indeed.

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