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The Cost of Developing Your Own App


Apps are turning out to be a good idea for business owners to help market their products and services and strengthen their brands. It also helps in making your brands more recognizable and gives you top of mind recall too.

But as any business owner, you would surely like to know how much financial investment you are expected to make.

A quick Google search comes up with different answers. Quotes range from $1,000 to $6,000, but some go as high as $100,000.

So how much does it cost to build your apps? The short answer is that it depends. A lot of factors influence the price of developing your apps, and they could make your apps cheaper or more expensive to create. Here are some:

1. Features and functionality. Each feature that you want to include in your app adds to its functionality, but also adds to the number of man hours to program it all in.

Indeed, making it use GPS or having it connect to Facebook can jack up the cost of your app development.

2. Server connections. Another factor that affects the cost of your app is whether it would need to connect to a server or not. If you have an app that needs to store a lot of data on servers, then you should add the cost of running such a server as well.

3. Original content. Original graphics, video and sounds also contribute to the cost. These content would need to be created and paid for. In fact, all content that you would use in an app comes with a corresponding cost.

4. Turnaround time. Further, turnaround time, or how soon you would need the app, could also impact costs. If you need it in a week’s time, the cost will be higher than giving your developers a month to complete it.

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