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The Business of Business Cards


In a single year, how many business cards do you actually receive? Now the more important question: how many of these actually stand out and become memorable to you? How many get dumped into the trash bin and how many make it to your business card holder?

Chances are, unless you work in the creative field, you have handed out the same old bland business cards to business contacts and even strangers, and had these business cards stuffed in some people’s wallet and forgotten they ever existed. But, now, you can avoid this scenario.

Business cards should not only give your contact information, company name and your position, although these are essential elements. They should provide a gateway for you to be remembered by its recipient. It should also tell your recipient a little more about yourself, your business, how to contact you and how to follow you on Twitter or add you on Facebook. Quite a list of tasks for a small card that fits into your wallet.

But here are some ways on how to make your business cards stand out:

1. Use quality material. Your business card is a representation of yourself and your business. Having business cards that are tacky and made of low-quality material is the same as having a tacky salesperson or receptionist answering the door or greeting visitors to your office. Use thicker cards with good printing. It would be better if you use something unconventional like plastic cards, metal, wood, or even rubber or textiles.

2. Create something new. Business cards do not have to be rectangular cards that hold nothing but contact information. Depending on what your business is, you could have business cards that are way out of the ordinary. If you are a gardener or landscape artist, you can have cards that can hold seed samples. If you are a graphic designer, you could jazz up your business card with your own design. Or, if you are a hairdresser, you could stick hairpins into your business cards. A retailer could have discount coupons included in his business cards, having perforated portions for these coupons.

You could also opt for a differently shaped card, like a triangle or a circle. We have also seen a clothespin used as a business card.

So where does the QR code fit in all of these? Simple. The QR code can be your easy way out to having some creative artist charge you a leg and arm for a business card design. A QR code included in your current business card could help, just like this:


1. Strike a conversation. Once you give out a QR coded business card, anticipate reactions like, “What’s this square thing?” or “Hey, it’s a QR code.” QR codes on business cards make a nice ice breaker, giving you a chance to get to know your recipient more and keep you in his or her mind longer.

2. Make your card more memorable. Your QR code could easily be an identifying point of your business card. The recipient might not remember your company, or your name, but he would be able to remember that it’s that card with the QR code.

3. Make it easy for your recipients to contact you. Your recipients could easily scan your card and add you to their mobile phone’s contact lists, or their client/supplier database. No room for error there.

4. Flexibility. First, you could get as much information as you want into your QR code without making your business card look crowded and disorderly. Just imagine, instead of putting everything into your card, you could hide it behind your QR code. Because of the code, you can add your name, business address, home address, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number, e-mail, personal e-mail, Facebook account, Twitter account, Linkedin account, your Web site URL, your personal Web site’s URL, a nice note, and maybe even a link to Google Maps depicting your office. You can even include a photo of you! The possibilities are endless… truly endless, considering the fact that you could have a QR code that leads them to your online photography or creative portfolio, get them to play an introductory video about you or your business, or listen to audio clips.

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