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The Big Issue Combines QR Codes and Charity


For some time now, the publishers of The Big Issue magazine have been helping homeless people by letting them sell their publications. But they are amping up this effort by coming up with digital editions that may be purchased using QR codes.

QR codes and magazines have a very positive relationship with each other. We all have seen QR codes appearing alongside advertisements on major magazines. The QR codes give the advertisers a good way to further engage readers and give them more information about their products. But that is not all that QR codes do for magazines.

In an age where smartphones and tablets are being used to read magazines and newspapers, a lot of people are foregoing on buying print editions because they could get the same content on their phones and other mobile devices. That means that there is less clutter and they can read more comfortably.

That is why print publications have been seeing a marked decrease in sales. This is also the reason why International Network of Street Papers, the charity behind The Big Issue, came up with the QR codes.

It is a very simple process. Each homeless vendor will get a different QR code that, when scanned, will allow a buyer to download the magazine straight to his or her tablet. The system will then credit the vendor for the purchase.

As more and more people get smartphones and tablets, these QR codes will ensure that the homeless vendors will have a way to ride the wave and not lose out on sales.

The QR codes will not replace the print version. The Big Issue will still be printed. The QR codes only guarantee that readers will have a way to buy a version that is more convenient for them. Now that is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

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