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The Benefits Of Using QR Codes As A Marketing Vehicle


‘I think it’s got something to do with advertising and also some online stuff,’ says Renee when asked about what she thought QR Codes or 2d barcodes are. This goes to show that most common people are still a little unsure about what QR Codes can do and are for. Well, soon, they will because there is more than just one reason (advertising) why QR Codes will become very popular in the States.

For one, Walmart and Starbucks are already in on the QR Code wave by offering coupons and membership benefits with a simple scan of the code. There are also many other innovative ways that people are creating that involves usage of the system – for instance, knitting and creating sculptures. One thing’s for sure, it is only a matter of time before people start seeing how effective QR Codes is and how it can save them lots of money in advertising dollars in the future.

No need for reprints. One of the biggest problems with advertising is publishing and printing cost. The cost of printing ten thousand copies of a single brochure is a lot. And when crucial information changes, the advertisers would have to make the change and reprint. The same QR Code can be used for multiple promotions because all you need to do is to change the mobile web page that the link leads to.

For example, you can run a QR Code marketing campaign and publish a QR Code on a brochure or business card. Three months down the road, some details about the campaign changed. Instead of changing the information you have on the brochure and reprint, all you have to do is to change the link’s destination.

Explosive growth in ownership of cell phones. Some year back, it was reported that there is approximately twenty-seven billion number of cell phones out there in the world and in 2001, only thirteen percent of the world population owned and used cell phones. However, by December next year (2010), experts are expecting at least seventy-percent of the people to own and actively make use of their cell phones on a daily basis.

Instant information. When you hand out brochures or flyers, collection of data is almost close to impossible unless you conduct a survey later on. Even then, the data collected may not be accurate. With QR Code marketing, intricate details of each access of the QR Code is compiled instantly, so, let’s say someone is accessing your mobile web in India, you would know. In a lot of ways, the QR Code as a marketing mechanism is nearly flawless.

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