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Thailand To Take On QR Codes


Although QR Codes was first introduced to Thailand folks some four to five years back, the gaining of momentum was slow with a small number of people knowing what the little squares actually are. This is to no surprise to experts. Some in the mobile marketing industry pin the blame on how expensive smart phones are and also the speed of wireless internet in Thailand.

Let’s face it, it is hard to convince the locals to take on such a big leap of faith when it involves a rise in cost of living. Yes, QR Code technology may enhance their lives but at what cost?

However, more and more Thais are starting to get on the wave of revolution, joining in with the rest of the world by downloading QR Code readers and ditching their old phones for smart phones and Android phones.

For those of you who do not know what QR Codes are, it is a link to the online world. The small barcodes that comes in black and white mish-mash of boxes hides a URL, text message or personal information. It is so flexible that it can be a link or it can be just text or code containing discount coupons, payment information, flight boarding passes, movie tickets…well, so flexible that it can be a marriage proposal.

Anyway, with many ISPs and telecommunication companies in Thailand encouraging the adoption of QR Code technology, Thais are more ready than ever to embrace enhanced communication and interactivity. QR Codes are decoded at a very high speed, much like the conventional barcodes found on product packaging. In fact, there has been much speculation about how QR Codes is going to replace the conventional data matrix barcode that we are currently using.

Thanks to the fact that more Thais are owning Blackberries and iPhones these days, QR Code’s popularity is on a steady rise. If you are a Thai reading this blog post, just dial *900*77# to get started. Just for your information, about a month ago, there was an encouraging number of people (around the region of a hundred thousand Thais) downloaded QR Code readers and are making use of it for banking, booking of tickets, membership, entering of contests and also accessing of online media files.

That is music to our ears indeed.

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