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Test-Drive A Home Even Before The First Visit


How many of you have bought a home, sold or tried to sell a home before? Do you know how many real estate agents can tell you how impossibly difficult it can be to find a buyer for a home because sometimes, after countless visits and discussions between seller and potential buyers, it can take months and sometimes years! The thing with selling a home is that the process is incredibly tedious running to the home with the buyer time and time again, describing in great detail the benefits of the home and negotiating the price or discount.
What if this can all be done on the go?
Imagine the kind of time and money we will be saving in terms of time, money and effort? If you have a home for sale, what you can do and we strongly suggest that you do is to get your own QR Code and then placing it on all advertisements, brochures and then print a poster-sized one on the house itself. If you’re having banners placed in front of the house, put a QR Code there as well.
Then you can have someone (or you can do this yourself if you’re mobile web savvy) come up with a mobile web page where you will place links to videos and photos that you’ve taken of the home. In that page itself, you’ll also place important details like size, location, amenities, availability, nearby landmarks, benefits and price.
A potential buyer who spots the home will have complete access to this information even before the phone call is made! The real estate agent or the current owners of the place will only have to bring the interested purchasers to the property if they’re really interested because they would have seen all the videos and images you’ve placed o n the mobile web page already.
In Australia, this is the direction of the real estate market – placement of QR Codes and the agent is Open2View.The website offers services for countries like New Zealand, United States and Canada too so, soon, you’d be able to put your property up for sale and everyone who chances on or bumps into the QR Code can view the property on their mobile phones.

In the economic slump, thinking of out-of-the-box is a good thing….especially since it can save you lots of money. In a lot of ways, this is better than being given a chance to test-drive a car because you don’t have to go anywhere. That’s how we choose to look at it, anyway.

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