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Teens and Mobile Apps


Mobile apps can be a great marketing tool, provided you offer something useful that is related to your company, brand, or products.

For example, a company that sells cosmetics can come up with a makeup app that would show users how to use their products. A clothing company can also allow users to preview their clothes.

Admittedly, however, a successful mobile app would take a lot of planning and thought. It will also be more successful for certain demographics and age groups.

If you have teens as your target market, then you should rejoice. A recent Pew Internet study shows that close to 6 out of 10 American teenagers have downloaded a mobile app to their smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

That is a good number. However, you should be aware that these teens are also careful about their security. For example, 46% of those who use a mobile app say that they do not allow apps to track their locations. Further, 51% said that they avoid downloading and installing some apps because of privacy concerns. Around one in every four app users also revealed that they have deleted an app from their mobile devices because they found out that it was gathering personal information about them.

The Pew Internet Study involved more than 800 teenagers from the ages 12 to 17.

There are several inferences that we could get from this data. For one, it means that a majority of adults in the United States now use a mobile device of some sort and have download a mobile app. And they are also very concerned about their security as well.

So if you are planning to use mobile marketing for your business, products and services, be sure that not only do you offer a relevant service, but you should also take care that your app does not collect personal information whatsoever.

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