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Technorati Publishes List of Best QR Code Campaigns


Technorati, the premiere search engine for blogs, has come up with a list of the best QR code campaigns so far, and we have to say that it is a very global list.

Check out their selections, and tell us if you agree!

1. Tesco South Korea: Tesco posted a virtual grocery display at South Korea’s subway stations.  Each merchandise carries a QR code.  Subway train riders who want to buy the items only need to scan the QR code and pay online.   The goods are delivered to them at home.

2. MyToys.de Germany: MyToys.de used QR codes made out of Lego blocks to promote the toy.  These colorful Lego QR codes were painstakingly created by hand.  The result?  The Lego codes campaign was responsible for 49% of MyToys.de’s online traffic, and the Lego sets that were advertised by the QR codes sold twice as many as those that were not advertised.

3. Chili’s: Chili’s put up QR codes on coloring sheets and table marketing materials that they have in their restaurants.  The idea was to have their patrons scan the QR codes and donate to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  Over the course of the campaign, the QR codes received 291,000 scans, raising more than $5 million for the hospital.

4. Starbucks and Lady Gaga: Starbucks helped promote Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album by holding a scavenger hunt in its stores.  Winners and those who got to break the puzzles were given a free download of her song, The Edge of Glory.

5. JCPenney’s Santa Tags: JCPenney uses QR codes to help users include a personalized message with their gifts.  The QR codes allow buyers to record a video which their recipients can then view using the same code.  Read more about it here: http://beqrious.com/show/jcpenny-christmas-advertising-campaign-to-include-qr-codes

Are there any campaigns that you think should be included in the best 5 that Technorati came up with?  Do let us know in the comments!

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