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Tarmac Mag Brings QR Codes to Australian Motoring Publication


Quick response codes connect print and digital media. We have seen many instances of QR codes being applied to make this sort of “connection.”

Tarmac magazine is the latest one to utilize QR codes in such manner.

Tarmac magazine is the first print publication among Australian motoring magazines to utilize several QR codes in its pages. Tarmac has included QR codes in its latest issue to expand and establish print-to-digital interactivity and to showcase the future of reader involvement and interaction.

The performance car magazine has been in print for three years now and has just released its 13th issue. For this issue, the magazine shows how it has embraced the latest in digital technology, which links various communication media together.

Tarmac issue 13 features motorsport star and internet sensation Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta on its cover. Its pages include 30 QR codes that enable readers to easily and conveniently interact and link to Block’s popular Gymkhana videos, as well as codes that link to promotional videos from advertisers, Tarmac’s motoring YouTube pages, and other forms of online content.

Highlighting performance cars, Tarmac magazine covers the niche of tarmac rallying, which is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular and attracts a number of manufacturers. In addition, it also covered over 300 entrants to Targa Tasmania’s 20th anniversary earlier this year, proving this is clearly a market not to be ignored.

According to PaddockTalk, the introduction of these two-dimensional matrix codes into the Australian motoring magazine market is perfect for added bonus content in an easy and quickly digested format and without the need to buy a separate electronic reader. Tarmac’s move shows that the future of tactile print publications is going strong and is still desired, especially if coupled with electronic mediums.

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