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Have you ever been to an unfamiliar place and found yourself baffled with or curious about a particular building? Especially when the building is located in a historical area, when people are traveling, they are often curious about what the building was before it was turned into a café or a warehouse. They would like to know that if there was a war near the building or was a hideout for others. They would probably have to seek out the information on Google either when they have the time during the vacation itself or after the holiday over and they are finally sitting behind their desks at home or in the office.

That takes time. How about if there was a QR Code that they can scan and save with their smartphones on the spot? Do you think it would make it so much easier for these curious folks?

Vickie Schnitzler who started a project called the Marshfield History thought so.

According to her, she has already spotted quite a number of businesses sporting QR Codes on their windows or other convenient spots. Scanning the codes will bring up stories and history behind the building. It brings up the address and relevant information about the business too – so it is a fantastic way to promote AND educate the public about a particular place. In fact, when they scan the code, they can also learn more about adjoining or nearby historical spots too.

According to Schnitzler, at the point of her interview, there are already more than thirty businesses and buildings that have put up QR Codes and she plans to have more than a dozen or so other businesses do the same by the end of August 2012. The idea dawned on her during one of her visits to credit union in 2011 and she probably thought that if it was useful there, why not in Marshfield which is rich in history as well.

QR Code technology is cheap to use and is so relevant in today’s society that it makes sense to spend about $15 a month just to generate and track the codes. The project is funded by the Marshfield Historic Preservation Committee. The committee issued its statement and support for the project by saying that it helps educate the people about Central Avenue and showed people how they got to where they are today in an effective and affordable way.

The project have also taken into consideration that there are still plenty of people without smartphones and if they wanted to check the project out or learn more about the places, they can easily access the website at MarshfieldGenealogy.com.

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