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Taking kids around the globe with QR Codes

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Tech fanatics are always a little excited (more than a little, I would like to add) when it comes to Mobile International Festival which is an annual affair. This year, the Mobile International Festival will be held in Alabama and it has been said that it is going to attract throngs of people from all around the world and will become a melting pot of cultures and interesting exchanges. This year, it is also going to be slightly different from the past…it is going to feature QR Codes!

The intention of using the codes is to help bring attendees and some children from Mobile, Alabama to other parts of the world…places that they have never even heard about, much less been to. You see, some of these children have never been out of their own towns and cities, therefore, their exposure to other cultures and other nations is limited to what the books tell them. Even with the internet, they can only learn and experience so much. In fact, some would argue that children are not naturally inclined to learn about other cultures because they may still be learning and adapting to their own culture.

The QR Codes which will be featured at Mobile International Festival will bring these kids on a virtual trip around the world, to countries that they have never even heard of and learn about their lifestyle and the things that other people do that is so different from what they call the norm.

Bobbie Bayne who is the executive director of Mobile International Festival said that he chose to use QR Codes to enhance the experience because if he could open the eyes and mind of just one child, then he considers it successful. His noble intention is to introduce the world to these children, letting them know there are different things out there waiting for them to learn about and explore in hope of giving them a ray of hope. Bayne helmed the same festival last year. Bayne used to be a teacher so the president of the Festival said that being a former educator, he would be at the best position to know how to get into the minds of these children.

How would QR Codes make any difference to these kids and the campaign? Well, QR Codes is still a relatively new thing even in the mobile world in this country. With it still being a rather novel idea to these kids, it might interest them. After clicking and scanning the code, they can even save the link, learn more later, on their own, at home.

Bayne thinks that it is important to make sure that the information that the link pulls out is as interesting and educational as possible; and since there would be a lot of smartphone users in attendance, I am sure they would make no bone about teaching these kids how QR Codes work during the festival. The QR Codes will teach these kids about the lifestyle of people from more than seventy five countries all around the world.

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