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One of the most amazing things about QR Code is its incredible ability to store lots of data and information within the square boxes. As odd as they look, once you start using them, you will start wondering why on earth it took Americans (and the rest of the world) nearly a decade to start seeing the potential and possibilities. One of our friends said, ‘There must be something in the food that the Japanese eat,’ he quips in amusement when told that QR Code was being regularly used there for such a long time.

No, as it turns out, there is nothing spectacularly magical about the food that the Japanese eat – it has more to do with their culture and how they see potential in everything. They also have the tendecy to act indepedently and a strong belief in striding forward quickly.

One of the useful things that was shared amongst us QR-Freaks is that we can make use of QR Codes to keep track of our kids whenever we head out to the mall or grocery store. How many of you (parents) have ever been in a panicky situation of not being able to find your child who was ‘just right beside you a moment ago’ in a busy mall? I would say that most parents have experienced these insane moments whereby logic and calm flew right out of the window.

And most Asians, as far as we know, have their kids wear necklaces. So, how about printing out a QR Code on silver (or gold, if you are rich) and have the child wear it around his or her neck. On the QR Code would be information about the child, parents’ telephone numbers and other emergency numbers to call in case the initial telephone numbers cannot be reached. I bet there would enough space to also include a blog address (just in case, you know), email address and also MSN or SKYPE.

Like….WOW. The well-meaning person would has to be completely disconnected from the online world if he or she is unable to get through with at least one of the numbers or online information. Even as we are writing this, someone out there has probably done it – probably in Japan, so it won’t be such a surprise to them and they might even think that this blog entry is totally outdated.

Bear in mind, in the United States, QR Code is still a very new thing. We are just touching the tip of ice berg over here and we need some seriously coaching in how best to make use of this phenomenal technology. So, please….be patient with us.

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