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Tagging The Antiques Of The Future


When you think about it on a deeper level, the idea is quite genius. I mean, people are naturally curious about things that they see…people, objects or just about anything that they come into contact with.

We are talking about something called The Internet of Things. It has become a trend in some parts of the world whereby people tag objects (attach a sticker to it, we are assuming) with QR codes. When mobile phone readers load their QR Code readers and snap a picture of the QR Code to decode the 2d barcode, the story behind the said object is revealed.

The owners of the said system has deemed it as a way of tagging the antiques of the future. It’s crazy but let’s just imagine that a few decades later, if someone chanced upon a cup that you are NOW using, by scanning the QR Code, they will know to whom the cup belonged to and related stories behind the cup. Once you attach the QR Code to the object, you can still change it or add to it.

To make it even more interesting is the fact that when someone scans the QR code, a tweet is sent out.

This ‘project’ is a collaboration between five top universities – Brunel, Edinburg College of Art, Salford, Dundee and University College London. Although we are not sure, it is our guess that generating revenue from the website is considered top priority for the creators. It sounds more like an initiative undertaken by professors, teachers, and the students who wanted to explore and expand the internet and mobile worlds. It is also an effort by the students and professors to understanding the way things are connected to each other and impermanence of reality.

This is not the first of such interesting endeavors because we have earlier written about a project that enabled people to tag packages.

It might seem a tad trivial for us to tag objects around us but think about it, the things that we have today will be antique in the future. If we tagged our bed frame with a QR Code, one fine day, it might end up in a welfare home somewhere in poor country. The ‘new’ owners of the bed frame will know whom the bed had served many years ago.

Does it sound more interesting now? It sure does to us over here. Don’t you wish they had such a system back then on the Titanic? We would know a whole lot more than we know now.

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