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T-Shirt Printing With QR Code For Facebook Accounts

This makes the ‘add a friend’ feature a long and lengthy one offline. But Facebook being Facebook, we should have known that there will be applications to counter this problem – and one of the first few is the QR Code t-shirt printing feature.

It’s a little bit more commercialized than we would have expected because this feature uses Zazzle to print QR Codes onto t-shirts and other items like mugs, aprons, sweaters, mouse pads, etc. But at the very least, with this new QR Code feature made for Facebook, you can now wear the t-shirt out on the street and have people scan the QR Code on your shirt and add them as your friend instantly.

The good thing about this new Facebook QR Code application is that it’s easy and convenient because all one has to do is to click on ‘make a shirt for me’ and you would instantly have a QR Code made for you that contains the link to your Facebook profile. And then as you proceed, you’ll be led to Zazzle page where you can purchase your own shirts.

For those who are unfamiliar with Zazzle, it’s a self-publishing, self-design publication and printing website where many people have been using to design their own personalized tshirts. Zazzle is a big competitor to Cafepress which offers similar services.

Regardless, this merely gives you even more flexibility in terms of coming up with your own QR Code for your Facebook profile. Gone will be the need to ask your friend to perform a search on Facebook’s search engine to find you. This proves to be a cumbersome affair because there are millions upon tens of millions of people in Facebook and it would prove tricky if you have a common name.

Anyhow, this new Facebook QR Code feature serves as a form of convenience and is not in any way at all revolutionary. In fact, anyone can simply create any QR Code that they want for free, anyway and print it out as they please right now.

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