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Survey Reveals Large Jump in QR Code Scanning Among Europeans


Despite having faced loads of skepticism when QR Code technology was introduced in Europe, a survey done by comScore found that there has been a great leap ‘of faith’ seen in a wide majority of smartphone users these couple of years. As seen by the result of a survey done, there is a significant jump in the people who own a smartphone, know what QR Code is and have scanned one before.

The survey was done over five major countries in Europe which includes the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.

And we are not talking about a mere five percent or fifteen percent jump here – we are talking to the tune of a ninety six percent of the people surveyed have scanned a QR Code in the past year. It’s astonishing…four percent more and the figure would have double. According to the report, more than seventeen million people are giving QR Code the thumbs up.

Amongst all the countries mentioned, Germany records the highest jump for having more than nineteen percent of German smartphone owners having used it at some point in time.

They conclude that it spells something truly exciting for online companies and retailers who wish to integrate their offline marketing campaigns with their online ones. It is not only feasible because employing a QR Code marketing strategy cuts advertising dollars by quite a fair bit, which could also mean that smaller companies now have a better chance of beating large giant companies at their game. It levels (somehow) the playing field, some would say.

QR Code, said the correspondent, lets advertisers attract, interact and also encourage consumers to purchase on the spot.

One of the things that truly made the difference is the availability of cheaper alternative smartphones. Now that more people can afford a smartphone, it just seems logical that there are more curious people who are game for ‘cool stuff’, albeit a QR Code. If QR Codes can make their lives easier, why not?

In fact, it was noted that most people who scanned a QR Code wanted more information about a product they are interested in. By bringing crucial information which may tip the purchase scale in their favor, it speeds up the thinking time. A couple of years ago, without QR Codes, people would see a product, think about it, research it at home and they would either forget all about it or delay the final purchase or buy it later.

Now, the research process has been shortened, therefore, it works out well for both advertisers and consumers in the end.

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