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Successful Heineken Event


It is always great (for us, anyway) to see more big brand names take to QR Codes to promote their brands and products. First off, personally spotted a QR Code on Swatch’s brochure. It takes us to their website which tells consumers more about the watch that we have just purchased. Would have been far more interesting if the QR Code was more interactive.

On another note, Heineken seems to have also jumped onto the QR Code bandwagon. During their 2012 Open-er Music Festival, attendees found QR Codes on stickers almost everywhere at the event venue. The purpose of the QR Code is to get attendees to be more aware of the brand’s message which is ‘Open Your World’. This is, of course, not the first time they have done it. Mid last year, there was an event in Poland called the Gdynia and they had computers all set up at the event.

Attendees of THAT event got to use the computer to come up with their own personal messages about themselves and then convert it into a QR Code. So, you sort of walk up to the computer, type a message along the lines of ‘I wish I was more punctual’ or ‘I am awesome’ and then convert that into a QR Code. In a way, it is a good way to introduce people to the concept of using and creating QR Codes. Once they have created the QR Code, they can print the code out onto a sticker called U Code and wear it during the event. Sounds like loads of fun.

According to the staff at the Heineken event, the QR Code sticker was a way for people to meet others of like mind. If you are interested in someone that you have just met at the event, scan the QR Code to find out more information about that person. It is also an ice breaker, of sorts. It encourages people to walk up to others in a very upfront and fun manner.

The event was, reportedly, a huge success. Although there was a somber expectation (because it was quite a new concept) for it, more than five thousand attendees used the feature, almost twice as many than they have expected.

Knowing that some attendees might be clueless about the technology, some may not have a QR Code scanner installed on their cell phones, they were provided with a link to download a QR Code scanner into their phones. To make the experience a more enjoyable one, a lounge was provided and there were tech people there to help newbies.

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