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Study Shows that QR Codes Can Last for a Long Time

Marketers know that using a QR code can easily help them deliver information to their customers. No matter what it is, a website, a video, a photo, a coupon or even a whole set of contact details, it can easily be put behind a QR code and accessed by their customers.

What’s more, people are now very familiar with QR codes, so customers are scanning it when they see it. All you need is to attract them with a great offer and they would surely scan your codes.

However, what is your QR code’s shelf life? Meaning, for how long can you use your QR code before you should come up with another QR code campaign? Should you replace you current QR codes after a month? Three months? A year? Data from a Link.me study shows that QR codes might last way longer than that.

In June 2009, HarperCollins released L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad and included a QR code inside the book jacket. Link.me tracked the number of scans since then. It showed that readers are still scanning the QR code even after three years, with as many as 500 unique visits in a single month.

What is interesting, however, is that the data shows that the campaign struggled for the first few months, with scans registering at below the 500 level from June to October 2009. This might be because there are only a few people who have bought copies during these first few months. Either that or the people just did not know what a QR code is or what to do with them.

Also, if the data that Link.me provided is representative of QR code campaigns, it shows that your QR code initiatives might see more activity from the sixth month on. After, which, it will taper off. The Link.me data shows that after a particularly strong 2010, scans for 2011 tapered off. However, it never really diminished.

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