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Study Reveals Mobile Commerce Will Grow Faster Than Expected

A good 64%, or close to two-thirds of all smartphone owners, have already used their devices for online purchases. This was what eDigital Research and Portaltech found in their study. That figure represents a 400% growth from the data in June 2010. More than that, the study shows that 84% of all smartphone owners browse websites on their mobile devices, while more than 3 out of every 4 people conduct product research on their phones. Derek Eccleston, the research head at eDigital Research says that their results affirm the notion that mobile commerce has changed the way people shop. With the increasing ownership and use of smartphones, BeQRious expects mobile commerce to continue growing fast in the near future. QR codes, too, are increasing in terms of scanning numbers. But it might not be the United States that is driving that growth. The study showed that more than 14.2 million people in Europe have scanned at least one QR code in the first three months of 2012 alone. These are mostly from Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany and France. BeQRious have always said that the growing use and reliance on QR codes, as well as the continuing education of consumers of what these QR codes are and how to use them, would lead to the growth of QR code scanning. It is great that we are seeing more and more people supporting and scanning QR codes. We also expect mobile commerce to take off faster, not just because of the growing familiarity of QR codes, but also the emergence of other technologies such as near-field communication. NFC technology is fueling more mobile payments, which could in turn help drive up the use of mobile phones in shopping. With the backing of technology giants, telecommunication operators, payment companies and even national retailers, NFC will take off in the near future and take mobile commerce along for the ride.

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