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Study Finds Twitter Slightly Outpacing Facebook Recently


Optimal did a comparison and survey recently, comparing the success rate of large brand names on social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, and the study found that large brand names tend to experience better success rate on Twitter when compared to Facebook. The measurement they did compared the rise of followers or fans on both sites. It was found that the brand names’ followers grew more rapidly and intensely on Twitter.

The group said that data was collected from more than four thousand different brand names’ social media accounts which meant analyzing approximately nearly three point five billion Likes on Facebook and five hundred and ninety five million followers on Twitter. A couple of weeks later, when the updated data was recorded, they found that followers on Twitter for those brand names grew by fifty five times faster on Twitter than Facebook.

It is easy to argue that we can’t really compare Twitter and Facebook fairly and judge them based on a single set of rules because, honestly speaking, the similarities between both setups are almost completely different and so is user behavior. For lack of a better word, Facebook is more ‘personal’ while Twitter, in my personal opinion, a faster platform. Facebook, user engagement is absolutely essential – there isn’t a point in having a Facebook page if the brand did not intend to engage its end-users.

But this is not to say that Twitter is less personal. The point of engagement is more open. Although Twitter has a smaller number of members, real Twitter users are far more active and interactive with each other and the brand names that they follow.

Rob Leathern, the CEO of Optimal said the data shows that Twitter is growing fast and becoming more relevant for brands in a different way. He also admitted that Twitter audience is a more active one compared to Facebook.

In Optimal’s study, the data was further broken down by industry, together with the details and percentage but that isn’t what I am interested in today. The highlight of the study is that Twitter is ‘outpacing’ Facebook in some ways, well…in a different way. So, for businesses that aims to grow on the online social networking platforms should not merely focus on their Facebook branding. By joining in the fun on Twitter and Instagram right now might give you a bit of an edge over your competitors later.

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