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Sticky QR Codes And Car Diagnostics


Experts’ been saying that there will be more QR Code in use and to be found this year, now that more and more people have become aware of the sheer potential that lies within the technology. Google, for instance, is already in love with the idea of integrating QR Codes with their search engine results or GoogleMaps. They have been heavily promoting it too.

Some people would go as far as to argue that it will soon be mainstream. Very soon.

Many Americans are getting over the shock of seeing these surreptitious barcodes that hides internet hyperlink…yes, to online content that is accessible via a smart phone. For countless years, Japanese people has been using QR Codes as a form of business card, promotional gimmick and educational tool. Either way, one can only conclude that QR code is not only simple and cheap, it’s a fun way to promote just about anything you want.

Although the QR Code may look harmless sitting there on your computer screen, doing absolutely nothing (it’s static, it’s black and white, and it’s boring, to say the least), but imagine what would happen if you wanted to promote a product in a viral method that does not cost a lot of money? You print out the said code onto decals or stickers, and start distributing them!

Decals with QR Codes can be stuck on cars, and the stickers can be placed on literally anything. For example, product packaging, boxes, brochures, company profiles, hand-outs, business cards or other printed reference materials.

You could even promote your product by sticking the QR Code stickers into bathroom stalls if that is a legal thing to do. This should give those using the stalls something else to do other than eavesdrop.

Jokes aside, with more than thirty-eight million Americans already owning a Smart Phone, do YOU think QR Code is going to be the next big thing ever since the Facebook? Or Twitter? Many, apparently do because as you can see, amongst those who don’t own a smart phone today, over sixty-four percent of them intend to get one in the very near future.

Japan, needless to say, is already way ahead of us. Recently, there was a launch of a dashboard accessory that helps deliver information about consumption of fuel, efficiency of a vehicle, idle rate, etc about the performance of a car to the dashboard of the vehicle owner. The new twist is in the QR Code which allows for comparison between owners of the same type of car.

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