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Steve Jobs: A Tribute


The BeQRious staff would like to take a breather from all these talks about QR codes, mobile apps, website design, and other technology-related stuff and thank one of the best entrepreneurial minds and technological innovators that ever graced this planet.

Steve Jobs has been the driving force behind Apple’s success. In fact, it was under his stewardship that Apple regained its footing as one of the best computing companies in the world. It was his vision, his Macbook, and then later his iPhone, iPod and iPad, that gave the company tremendous success.

Born on February 24, 1955, Jobs was put up for adoption by his biological mother and was later adopted by a Mountain View couple named Paul and Clara Jobs.

His love for, and subsequent career in, computers started when he was still a young high school student. He started working at Hewlett-Packard offices after school. He was a college dropout who later became a member of the Homebrew Computer Club, a technician at Atari, and then founded the Apple Corp.

The products he inspired and created literally touched generations of computer and mobile phone users, whether directly or indirectly. To say that he revolutionized technology is an understatement.

He was also an inspiration for those in the entertainment industry, having founded and financed Pixar Animation Studios and developed the company to bring full-length CGI movies such as Toy Story to audiences worldwide.

Steve Jobs was not only a creator, but he made beautiful creations. If you like the look of that Macbook you are using, or that iPhone in your hand, then thank Jobs for it. Steve Jobs was a stickler for making his products beautiful inside and out, from how it looked to how it worked to how it was packaged.

Apple fanboy or not, you would surely admire the man, not only for his innovations and the way he handled the business, but also as a human being.  Is it any wonder that many of his contemporaries, peers, employees and even total strangers are taking time to post his quotes, sharing moments with the man, or taking time to just remember him?

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