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Step-By-Step Instructional Video From Mister Landscaper


Mister Landscaper, we heard from the grapevine, just found a new way to teach their customers how to put their Micro Sprinkler Beginner’s Kit together! The QR Code is printed onto the labels so that when the customer gets home, they can instantly scan the QR Code to view an in-depth video. Representatives from the company said that the purpose of the campaign is to give their customers a better and more convenient in-store shopping experience as well as an easier time at home.

The instructional video, it seems is as in-depth and instructional as they come. They describe each action, a step at a time to help beginners put the kit together.  As at the point of writing this article, a whopping 82% of those who bought the product actually scanned the code and accessed the video. Some even went on to watch other videos about the company’s OTHER products.

Representatives from the company were saying how this exercises benefited the company’s overall image and branding and help consumers see that DIY installation of their products is not at all as intimidating and difficult as it may seem. One of the biggest drawbacks about products like this is that most consumers are interested…but they will scurry off because they do not know where to start.

The company said that this is, intriguingly, the first time that the company tinkled with mobile technology. Apart from the QR Code printed onto labels, they also have an SMS number printed onto the packaging as well just in case the consumer did not have a smart phone with a QR Code reader to use.

The combination of QR Code and SMS is an incredibly smart move. It covers interested people who have and do not have QR Code friendly phones.

With stats aside, to most of us in the industry, we gauge this as a successful marketing effort because it is a branding exercise. It gives their customers and potential customers the confidence that the company cares.

And frankly, in business, what can be more important than giving customers confidence?

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