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Stats On UK QR Code Users Unsurprising


The survey noted that forty percent of general consumers in the UK are familiar with the QR Code system. They know what it can do, you need a smart phone to read it, and there is a requirement for a QR Code reader. The study done did not specify which group the focus was on but we assume that the study was done on all age groups. Not surprisingly, the younger they are, the more adventurous they were which means that the younger generation are the ones who reported that they HAVE scanned a QR Code with their smart phones before.


In fact, what is interesting is that, across all age groups, it was found that most of them who responded to the study noted that they are quite open-minded about the QR code technology and do not mind using it in the future with thirty-five percent of them saying that they are still unsure about using the QR Code system actively in their lives.


But of course, when it comes to something ‘new’ (although it is not right to say that the system is new since it has been around for quite a long time), forty-nine percent of them do not mind getting discount vouchers or signing up for memberships with a QR Code. Twenty-six percent of respondents do not mind scanning the code for ‘exclusive’ content.


Naturally, the older generation either could not be bothered with the technology, do not intend to get a smart phone or think that QR Code is out of their league. Only one percent of those surveyed who are above fifty-five years of age said that they have used a QR Code successfully.


The study also showed us that men (who are naturally better at gadgets) are more likely to have scanned a QR Code or WILL scan a QR Code in the future but the margin between men and women are slim. Fifteen percent of men and twelve percent of women said that they have accessed online information with a QR Code.


Interesting but unsurprising facts. 


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