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Star Gazing…The App Way


Just so we are all on the same page…Google Sky rocks…like nothing else.

For those who don’t know what Google Sky is, it is basically an app that you can download onto your mobile device which…well…basically shows you the sky. Literally. On your personal computer or on your laptop, your experience might be limited to just the movement of the mouse but on a mobile phone or tab, where you point it is where you see it. It is such an enjoyable app even for non stargazers because the sky is so beautiful and to top it off, you get to see your favorite constellations and stuff like that.

Technology is, you have got to admit it, is awesome.

But even with that said, Google Sky, although being one of the best apps there is out there, is not the ONLY app that lets you in on what is happening up there. You can actually use these apps for your favorite hobbies…like photography, for instance. Some apps loads in real time and using the GPS system on your phone, tells you the weather conditions and also what to expect throughout the day or the next couple of days.

The Night Sky is a good astronomy app, but make no mistake about it, it works during the day too. Jokes aside, it basically serves as an eye to the stars without any of the abovementioned functions like weather reports or temperature, etc. It is an a basic astronomy app that people use to learn more about position of the stars. It is sad that there is nothing romantic about this app. You can’t quite compare stargazing with your favorite person in the world to gazing at this app in the middle of your living room.

Fun, nonetheless.

TerraTime, although having a less funky name, is a lot more useful because it comes with gadgets, clocks, and weather reports. I would say that using this app is a lot of like using a binoculars from another planet and looking at planet earth. So, yes, it gives you a virtual view of the world in real time. The app is sensitive and reports about the rotation of the earth and provides people with really awesome satellite-taken pictures of the planet.

It otherwise would have been just another app that lets you gaze at the planet and the stars if not for the useful tools that it brings, like the ability to tell the season and weather. I mean, if you are the hiking or picture-taking type whose activities depend very much on the weather, you would totally fall in love with this app. There are many other weather apps out there, I know (the Android market is like that – full of everything), but there are few that is as accurate and picturesque.

While the app requires internet connection to work in real time, worry not if you do not have a data plan. The app actually pulls out previously saved information from your device and loads the map from there although this also means that there is no LIVE information available without internet connection.

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