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Stand Out With A QR Code On Resume


If you want to stand out in a pack of competitors, you have got to have that edge. Every little bit counts when the stage is small and packed. Vying for a job works the same way. Imagine walking into the office of your potential employer and you are sitting there, face to face with another bunch of people vying for the same job, holding similar qualifications and have the same kind of experience as you do. All your resumes will kind of look the same to the hirer too.

When looking to hire, remember, the potential employer is looking for someone who is ahead. If the potential employer sees a QR Code on your resume, he or she will automatically presume that you are always on the edge out of your seat, looking out for innovative things. This mentality and attitude can only earn you brownie points in the ‘initiative’ department.

What happens if the potential employer or the person who interviews you does not know what a QR Code is and does not know how it works because the buzz is, no doubt, strong but is rather new? Well, that sounds like a good time for you to show off your expansive knowledge! Time for subtle (but effective) show-off!

If it works for organizations and businesses, there is absolutely no reason why it should not work as a promotional tool for individuals as well. What would you resolve the QR Code to?

You could resolve the QR Code to your own personal website where the potential employer can find more information about your skills set and get to know you better. Or you could simply place your contact information like address, telephone number, email address and website link into the QR Code. The QR Code is so powerful and versatile that it can contain vast amount of information.

Instead of the tense silence that follows when the interviewer is looking through documents or your resume, the QR Code might even be a conversation starter because it is still something relatively new to the US right now.

You have nothing to lose in this instance because creation of QR Code is…yes, free of charge.

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