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Stamford Symphony Finds Success with QR Codes

stamford symphony qr codes
Late last year, BeQRious reported on the efforts of Stamford Symphony to get more attendees to their concerts by including QR codes in their programs.

Back then, people behind the campaign explained that the QR codes would help people send a message to the Symphony. In short, they could use the codes to give feedback, ask questions and leave comments for the Symphony, providing yet a new level of interaction.

There were also QR codes included in the Symphony’s posters, ads and direct mail campaigns. These codes take scanners to the Symphony’s official website, interviews with Maestro Eckart Preu and allowed them to purchase concert tickets online.

The company behind the Symphony’s QR codes, pbSmart, reported that the symphony was “very happy” with the number of scans and other metrics they got from the QR codes, as well as the feedback they got from their patrons.

They were able to reach a younger audience, while also being able to interact with their current customers. The Symphony was also able to add more value and enrich the concert-going experience, while also giving them an image of being innovators. Certainly not bad for a first time campaign.

These are the reasons why the Symphony is going to keep on using QR codes in their marketing.

BeQRious is certainly pleased that more and more companies are finding success with their QR code marketing. This would have served as an inspiration to other marketers out there to also try out QR codes for their marketing, as well as provide a way to teach other businesses on how to use QR codes for their campaigns.

It is just too bad that not all companies are coming out with their own results. If you have enabled tracking for your QR codes, you can get in touch with us and share what you have learned from your QR code campaigns, and whether you think you have succeeded or not.

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