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Sprint Launches NFC-Enabled Pinsight Touch


Sprint has introduced their new mobile payments platform, Pinsight Touch. Pinsight Touch allows mobile app developers to incorporate a mobile payments system into their apps that uses near-field communication.

The new platform would allow users to store their credentials on mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices. A business can then use the platform to offer NFC-enabled services such as mobile payments, keyless access and even pay for their public transit fares. All of these just by tapping their smartphones to another smartphone or an NFC-enabled terminal.

All of these are very secure, owing to the credential management technology coming from Sequent Software. Sequent has technology that allows its systems to secure all credentials and cards within approved mobile devices and apps.

Sprint, which currently has more than 53 million customers, is planning to offer the platform alongside its Pinsight Media+ service, which is geared towards advertisers. Pinsight Media+ helped businesses to delivers targeted ads using the information that Sprint collects about their customers.

The telecommunications company has previously announced a partnership with Telefonica in Europe for a mobile advertising venture. The company is also a well-known supporter of Google Wallet, a mobile payments service developed by the search giant that uses near-field communications.

In fact, Sprint is the only telecommunications company that offers Google Wallet at the moment. All of its major competitors, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, banded together to work on Isis. Isis is also an NFC-based mobile wallet service.

Will Pinsight Touch help the floundering Google Wallet? We think it will. For one, it will make businesses and app developers more aware about the technology. By giving them an easy way to use NFC on the mobile apps, there would be a lot of mobile apps now that would have NFC-related features. Hopefully, customers would take notice and use the NFC payments and features included in these apps.

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