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Speetra Launches Voice-Enabled App PulseM, Uses QR Codes


Speetra just recently introduced its new product called pulseM, which is a voice-centric QR code-based application that can be used for gathering employee and customer feedback.

PulseM enables mobile phone users to scan specially designed quick response codes that allow them to speak out their comments or feedback. This app rids employees or consumers the need to go through the longer and much more tiring process of filling out online feedback forms or taking surveys. PulseM offers businesses an immediate avenue for compliments, complaints and other forms of feedback that pertain to certain situations.

Once a customer or employee verbally expresses and sends his or her message, the company will receive it as an audio file. Businesses can also go for optional analytics, which includes sophisticated sentiment analysis wherein the tone and the keywords are analysed and companies will be given an idea of how their customers or employees feel about them in general.

According to Speetra founder and CEO Pawan Jaggi, pulseM overcomes the problems associated with most company feedback systems. For instance, with customer surveys, there is just too much involvement and this system actually fails to capture the immediate reactions of customers and employees. With written comments on social media, on the other hand, businesses cannot accurately capture the true sentiment of the customers.

What’s more, pulseM allows a company to present users a basic choice of happy-neutral-unhappy to go along with their voice comment, or it can pose specific questions to users like “How was our service today?” or “What do you think about our new benefits package?” Respondents can also write their comments and send these as text.

The best thing about this QR code-based app is that companies will have a much easier way of leveraging on compliments and of capitalizing on their strengths and using these for their marketing campaigns. In the same manner, they can easily learn about complaints and other negative messages and improve on their weaknesses.

Jaggi notes that as the first-ever real-time voice feedback platform, pulseM will redefine customer survey as the feedback is immediate and allows customers and employees to express how they feel naturally.

pulseM is currently available for the Apple iPhone. An Android version will be available soon.

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