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Speed And Convenience Important For QR Code Reader


Because of the ever-growing popularity of QR Code, there are many different types of QR Code readers out there in the market today. Most of them can be obtained for free. Anyway, let’s just say that the main purpose of the QR Code is…..to decode the QR Code, no? And if that is the case, the QR Code reader should just get right down to the point and not trying to be too complicated (read: smart) with the process, we would say. Many people have more than one QR Code reader application on their phones and at this point in time, iPhone users have it most because the experience is, on the overall, more friendly with an iPhone.

Speed and convenience should at the top of the list of priorities when choosing the right QR Code to use. That’s because the main purpose of using QR Code is so that our life becomes easier. QR Code makers should consider placing ‘that’ on top of their list of priorities too. Most importantly, many iPhone QR Codes today loads too slowly and take the trouble to load screens and welcoming messages that shouldn’t have been there. We know what we’ve just loaded and a welcome is not necessary to the user, you see.

Speed is important because many companies have started using QR Codes in their advertisements, which includes advertisements in magazines, leaflets, billboards, posters, etc. How much time do you think a user would have in order to scan the QR Code if he or she is stuck in traffic and sees an interesting QR Code printed on the back of a bus or at the side of a car beside him or her? Not much, we reckon.

That is why, if the QR Code is to be effective, it should not be cumbersome. Some iPhone QR Code reader users have the opinion that 2D Sense, which is a popular QR Code reader for iPhones, makes good on their word but frankly speaking, knowing the location of the person before they are allowed to scan is not quite necessary. The creators should look into reviewing this because not a lot of people want to be ‘welcomed’ every time they load the program and asked where they are.

User experience with some other 2D barcode readers for iPhone doesn’t fare much better than 2D Sense either. Barcodes and BeeTagg readers, too, have welcoming messages and other delaying options. Creators of these iPhone QR Code readers should bear in mind that users, at the end of the way, just want to flip their phones on, open the program and scan in under ten seconds. Anything more than that would be considered too much hassle to use.

UpCode, according to some iPhone mobile phone users, is one of the best in the market today because once you load the program, you’re ready to scan the QR Code.

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