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Southern Tasmanian Fruit Farm Plants QR Codes


Most of us modern folks don’t know anything about farming. When we step into a farm during peak seasons, all of us would most probably hang onto the sleeves of the farmers or tour guides to tell us where, how, why and what. And farmers know this all too well.

A farm in Southern Tasmania may not be the first farm to use QR Codes to their advantage but I think they are heading in the right direction by placing QR Codes on the rows upon rows of their trees and plants. When the QR Codes are scanned, it takes mobile users to a site which will explain the ins and outs of the plants. It will give them an overview of the plant, its variety, name, when it is in season, how to spot the ripest, etc. So, basically, if you are armed with your smartphone and head over to this farm, you won’t come home with spoilt apples and unripe strawberries.

The farm, accordingly, gets lots of guests from all around the world but most of them either speak in English or Chinese, so, the QR Code site lets you choose between these two languages.

Although not a novel idea, Bob Hardy who runs the farm, knows what visitors wants and aims to deliver the information and make it available online so that people can bring it home with them after their trips end. According to the farmers, they get a lot of Chinese speaking visitors at their farm, hence, the availability of Chinese language information for the plants.

This is not to say that you can’t get the information if you are not a smartphone user, they have it all printed out in brochure format but the farm owners figured that lots of people have smartphones and data plans these days and having the information online simply means that things are a little more environmentally-friendly. So, instead of bringing home stacks of brochures and booklets, you bring home nothing but the smartphone in your pocket.

Hardy went on to explain that QR Codes will be an amazing way of ensuring that the Chinese visitors to the farm is enjoyable and he hopes that they will not miss out on all the learning that is available to English speaking visitors. The more tech savvy people who also makes visits to the farm, and that was also the motivator for the QR Code launch.

So, if you ever do decide to head over to Tasmania’s Sorell Fruit Farm for a visit, please do let us know if you saw or scanned the QR Code and let our readers know if it was helpful at all.

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