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Southern Minnesota School Uses iPads, QR Codes for Learning


QR codes have proven to be very useful in marketing, health care and yes education. We have reported about a lot of schools and their use of QR codes.

QR codes have been found of periodic tables, books, libraries, museum pieces and other places.

It has also been used for seminars, handouts and other learning materials.

The premise of using QR codes is simple: allow students to access more information about a certain topic to make it more interesting for them. For example, they could be reading up on World War II and comes across Adolf Hitler. They can scan a QR code that would take them to the Wikipedia entry on Hitler, or perhaps a short vidoe of his life and the wars that he started.

At Hilltop Elementary, where they use the Science Technology Engineering Mathematics curriculum, QR codes are just part of the package. The Henderson, South Minnesota school is using iPads to help kids learn about their lessons. For example, they have minerals and rocks displayed inside their classrooms and each of these has a QR code.

There are iPads available for students to use. They just open the scanner app on the iPad and snap these QR codes with the app. The QR codes will then give them more informaiton about that particular rock or mineral.

We can just imagine what else QR codes could help these students with.

The STEM initiative is a great idea. Not only does it make education fun but it makes countless amount of information available to students. The iPads are not only for QR code scanning, although that alone is a big benefit. You can also install various apps on these iPads that would help students learn more than they could in a formal classroom discussion.

We do hope that more and more schools try out the STEM program so that they could make use of the latest technologies to help educate their students. This could be as simple as creating a QR code!  

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