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Sony Promotes James Bond Movie With QR Codes In Australia

In line with their sponsorship and support of the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace, Sony recently promoted the film in Australia using the latest Telsta platform. During this promotion, Sony promoted the movie by inviting consumers to use QR Codes to join in a highly anticipated fun activity in the form of a treasure hunt. The response was astounding because more than ten-thousand people joined in on the treasure hunt. And honestly speaking, all this was done without the support of mainstream media – that means, no commercials were aired and no print advertisements published.
In a lot of ways, this QR Code promotion is revolutionary and the fact that it generated so much support from the public that this has become a point to note for other brand names.
Even the people behind Sony had to sit it out to think through the strategy in order to determine where this new QR Code marketing method would take them. Companies need to open their minds and broaden the scope of their plans to include QR Codes. The flexibility and interactiveness of QR Code marketing was cited as the main reason why Sony decided to join in on the new game. In a lot of ways, apart from the internet, it was not possible to engage the public to engage in activities because mainstream media was a one way street marketing method.
QR Code, during the promotion allows the company to move products, movie tickets and other promotional efforts in ways they have not been able to do so before but have always wanted to. By linking the QR Code on products, boxes and other forms of packaging, consumers can download brochures and product information directly to their mobile phones.
We’re not the only people who think that QR Code is the new ‘new’ in terms of marketing, Sony thinks that QR Codes will be a standard medium for promotions in a year’s time. He is, of course, speaking of its popularity in Australia alone where the James Bond movie was heavily promoted using QR Codes.
In the meantime, the company is exploring many other ways of utilizing QR Code for many other different methods where promotion involves interactivity. The company thinks that with QR Codes, their users and the general consumers will enjoy a better experience including flexibility and mobility. For instance, Sony may be looking for ways to use QR Codes to help purchasers of their products to register the warranty of their new products completely from the mobile phone.
This, we reckon, is the kind of move the general public has been waiting for.

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