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Sony Ericsson Phones Goes Out With QR Code Readers


14 million Sony Ericsson cell phones are shipped out within the third quarter of this year alone, imagine the magnitude and effect it would have on the cell phone marketing industry when all of these 14 million cell phones are pre-installed with QR Code readers? Consumers will walk past movie posters with QR Codes on them and scan, instantly, to find movie reviews before they decide whether the movie is worth their time. If they happen upon a book that think is interesting but want to know more about the author or compare prices on the internet, all she has to do is to whip out her phone and scan the QR Code. This is how amazing the world has become and we should all start to appreciate and embrace the QR Code technology.

The widespread use and understanding about the technology has prompted cell phone manufacturers to decide that installing the phones with QR Code reader before launch is a wise idea. And it will also help will sales, no doubt. Some likened the QR Code to what we have on the internet today…URL shortening services like www.bit.ly, www.tinyurl.com and such. But the said URL shortening services are aimed at online social networking services; QR Codes are for mobile phones. Marketers have already started using QR Codes to promote movies, albums, issue vouchers and help educate users about the product that they are selling.

With QR Code technology, anyone could walk past a real estate agency and scan a QR Code pasted on the window and get access to the purchase price, interest rate and more information about the property that they are interested in even BEFORE stepping a foot inside the outlet.

Is the market ready for such a technology? Oh, yes they are. Taking a look at the activities of several large advertising companies, we can see that big brand names are already working on test-driving the technology. According to researchers, it is expected to help generate close to 6 billion in retail redemption in 4 years time.

The bridge we need to cross is to help educate more people about the use of QR Codes and convince them about how it can enhance their lives without raising the cost of living. But this is what websites like www.beqrious.com is already doing – and we are not alone.

Researchers agree that although the technology, outside of Japan, is still in its infancy stage and that use is based on the novelty of the whole thing. But with more cell phones being sold loaded with QR Code readers, like the new batches of Sony Ericsson, the faster the trend will catch on.

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