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Some Things to Remember When Doing QR Code Campaigns


QR codes are a great way to entertain your customers.  Here is a cheat sheet on how to do your QR codes marketing right.

1. Short videos are the best.  Videos should be kept short.  Remember that with a lot of telecommunication companies cutting down on their unlimited data plans, your users might be turned off by long videos and the longer download time.  Not only that, longer download times are going to bore your users.

A good way to achieve a viewable video is to decrease the resolution.  Your users would be watching them on a smartphone or any mobile device, it does not pay to have the video in HD, which takes longer to download and view.

2. Position your QR codes correctly.  This is for marketing posters and billboards that are big, such as subway ads.  You may be formatting your poster on a computer, so it is easy to overlook user convenience when putting your QR code in the poster.  

Say you have a campaign to have life-sized ads in a public area.  Make sure that you position your QR codes correctly.  Not too high as to make it susceptible to scanning errors or even making it impossible to scan.  But not to low either that people would have to crouch to snap them!

3. Use a URL shortener.  Make sure that you use a URL shortener if you are going to place long links behind your QR codes.  This makes it easier for people to snap your QR codes because of the larger pixels.

4. Keep the cardinal rules in mind.  Always, always, stick to the best practices when doing a QR code campaign.  We have prepared a great guide on how to succeed with your QR code marketing here: The Dummies’ Guide to QR Code Marketing.

To wit, you need to:

1. Plan.

2. Generate the code correctly.

3. Design your code.

4. Duplicate what others are doing right.

5. Measure and track your codes.

6. Revise and Review.



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