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Some New and Complex Android Apps that You’d Want to Try


Here are some Android Apps that you might want to try.

These are not your ordinary games and productivity apps, so be sure to be open for anything and so please get ready to be surprised.

BeQRious gives you yet another list of recommended mobile apps for your Android tablets and phones!

OLED World

Oled World

Probably a good way to show off its AMOLED screen, Samsung has come out with OLED World. It features photographs from the world’s top photographers in high definition.

Photographers featured in the mobile app include Kwon O Chul, Hougaard Malan, Satoshi Kuribayashi and Ashley Vincent. If for anything, you would love the nature photos, even if you do not have an AMOLED screen!


Power Grid

If you want to remotely control your computer, you can get Roccat Power-Grid. This mobile app lets you connect to your PC and even control it. You will also need to install software for your PC.

You could also check your PC’s system stats, including CPU load, hard drive memory usage and RAM status.

AwesomeIME – FLAT Keyboard

Flat KeyBoard

One of the biggest hazards of using an Android phone, especially one with a very small screen, is that you are constantly tapping the wrong keys. You can reduce your mistakes with AwesomeIME – FLAT Keyboard.

It gives you better readability and bigger keys, helping you reduce errors. What’s more, users have reported a better autocorrect function with this phone than the native Google keyword.

Dessin Free

Dessin Free

If you often find yourself drawing mind maps, then you would appreciate Dessin Free. It allows you to make notes, draw and even automate your phone.

Some of the things you can do with Dessin Free:

1. Make a grocery list. Once the phone detects that you are near a supermarket, it will show you the list.

2. Make the phone automatically silence your phone when you enter a classroom or a movie theater.

3. Enable your Wi-Fi connection to turn on when you arrive home.

It can be a little complicated but they do have tutorials available here and here.

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