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Solving Basic Problems About Modern Day Business Cards

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Swapping business cards has always been a great marketing tactic and I suspect that it will remain so for a long time to come…till the moment we render physical paper pointless, we will continue to exchange business cards.

But there are problems with this strategy. We lose them. We don’t file them. And when people change their business address, telephone numbers or emails, we lose track of those people too. What if there was a very useful technology that we can use that automatically updates that information for us. We create an identity that can be stored onto the smartphone and when information related to that particular person changes, so does our database. This way, we will always, ALWAYS have updated information on our contact list.

Traditional business cards have helped businesses grow, establish relationships with affiliates and partners and also spread the word about their businesses and products. It is timeless.

A QR Code can be created to store information found in business cards too so, instead of handing out a business card, share a QR Code. And it is free too. Just try it out with our absolutely, awesomely free QR Code generator on this website and then store the code on your smartphone. The next time someone asks you for your business card, just get the person to scan the code with their smartphone and all the personal information contained within the QR Code can be instantly stored in the other person’s phone. It eliminates the need to physically key in the info one by painful one. Hence, a QR Code is not merely convenient but it saves you time and…yes, money.

Why waste your money printing out the business cards when you can ‘hand it out’ for free? And at every re-branding exercise, you would probably need to change the design of the business card and that would mean the unused business cards are to be thrown away or…well, used as bookmarks.

By not printing out business cards is also a very eco-friendly practice.

There is related news in the grapevine and I heard that there is a good business card swapping tool that allows you to store and share your business profile with others using a newsfeed system. Go check out Card Swapp and let us know how you feel about it.

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