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Blogging is old news, mobile blogging is only slightly newer but Zcapes is the latest to hit the market. Zcapes is a brand new mobile blogging tool that will make live interaction almost completely seamless. But for the fact that you need to create the mobile web page on a personal computer (or a MAC) first, the rest of the updating, editing, adding and deleting process can be done on the mobile phone.

The launch of Zcapes was announced during the Mobile World Conference and it is touted to close the gap between reality and the digital world where interaction is made possible on the go. It’s also a mobile search engine of sorts based on user-initiated tags – if you’re trying to look up the latest update on your favorite television series, log in and start searching. The program will bring you specific results on the topic, and you can interact with people, receive feedback and read comments from others right there and then..

But that’s not what’s interesting. From the QR Code aspect, this mobile micro-blogging platform automatically generates QR Codes for their users and these codes can be used by anyone who has a QR Code-enabled phone.

In a lot of ways, Zcapes is a little like every known social network and blogging network that we have right now. They’ve essentially captured what’s important to us and what the normal web surfer or blogger likes in the system today and merge them in one system. It’s a lot like Twitter but with Facebook’s easy maneuverability and transparency. I am not particularly clear about the deep mechanics of the system but apparently, using Zcapes, you can find, through tagging, a live stream of events and information posted by people on many networking sites like Twitter or Flickr. On top of that, through the mobile web page, the option to participate and contribute remains open.

As mention, the only thing with this new system is that you need to start or create your web page with a computer. Once you’ve created your own web page (a QR Code will be given to you at the end of the process), you can log into the page editor to make amendments, alter information, add or delete personal information and set-up your settings.

Like Twitter’s ‘follow’ tool and Facebook’s ‘Add a friend’ device, others using the same system can choose to follow your updates and be informed about what you have been up to. Whether you wish to print and publicize your Zcapes account is left entirely up to you but whether you wish to or not, you’ll have an automatically-generated QR Codes for you to use on your website, business card, print on your shirt, mugs, etc.

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