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Social Media and QR Codes Bring You Closer to God?

Remember that song “One of Us” sung by Joan Osborne? The song asks how God would be like if He were living in the current time. It was released in the 90s and plaintively describes how nobody is calling Him on the phone.

If God was indeed one of us, do you think He would have a Facebook account, and would he accept prayers through live chat?

Christian churches all over the country seem to support the notion. A lot of Christian denominations have turned to social media, mobile apps and yes, QR codes, to help spread the word.

For example, Christ Fellowship in McKinley maintains both a website and a Facebook page. You can catch their services streamed online, and join the chat conversations while watching. You can also scan a customized QR code (in the shape of a cross, of course) to download a worship program that they have.

Christ Fellowship has also released two mobile apps. One allows you to donate online, while the other facilitates trades and swaps.

That is not the end of these high tech initiatives.

There is now a Confession mobile app where you could “confess” your sins. It is not a substitute for actually going to confession, though. But at least you would have some practice, and allows you to do some introspection before receiving the sacrament.

The Vatican has already launched a Twitter campaign and Web TV channel. This is in line with Pope Benedict XVI’s directive that there should be a stronger Christian presence online.

The Episcopal Church has launched a tablet app that has all the hymns it uses for its worship.

You can also get a mobile digital Bible, while discussing the same on online chat rooms.

From televised masses to streamed worship services online, remember that for the faithful, these technological advances are not meant as a replacement for actually going to church or going to confession. But it certainly helps you stay close to God.

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