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So, Who Is Really Using QR Codes?


Many a survey has been done on the type of people who are using QR Codes in Japan but that is only because it is everywhere over there. In other countries, we can pretty much predict what the outcome of the survey would be like – probably along the lines of ‘dismal’.

Anyway, here is something encouraging, then.

It was reported on japan.internet.com that a survey was done by this company called Marsh Inc. through four days of intensive research and questioning of equal number of males and females in various age groups. A few from the teens age-group, 17 percent in their twenties and a balanced 20 percent from other age groups of thirties, forties and fifties and above fifty. One would have thought to increase the number of participants in the younger (teens) age group because they seem to be more in tune with all things internet.

Nevertheless, the result is intriguing.

It was found through the said survey that a whopping seventy-percent of the respondents had a QR Code-enabled phone and nearly ninety-percent of those who had QR Code readers in their phones actively used them.

That is not the interesting part, though, because apparently, contrary to popular beliefs that people often scanned QR Codes from packaging on products or leaflets, it seems that most people scan QR Codes from their computer screen. Well, more than a hundred people who revealed that they usually scan QR Codes from the leaflets and hand-outs they get, newspapers and magazines.

In the future, we expect to see a rise in the number of people who scan QR Codes on posters (only 64 people says they do that) and also more people than the 92 people who said they did, scan QR Codes on product packaging.

For newbies who are not sure what QR Codes is, here’s a short-take. QR Code stands for quick response code. It is more or less like the conventional 2d barcode system that we are using now at the mall checkout country but this technology is even more amazing because anyone can do it with the cell phones – provided they have a pre-installed QR Code reader on their phones. These phone owners can get instant access to mobile websites, links to media files (images, wallpaper, music, facebook profiles, twitter accounts, etc) too.

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