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Snapping Up Your Movie Tickets


One of the most frustrating things about going for a movie is waiting in line to purchase the tickets. Even pre-booking it from the cinema’s website doesn’t make much difference in some countries because pre-booking the movie ticket usually means that you are going to have to arrive forty-five minutes before show time to collect the tickets, failing which would result in the tickets being given away to last minute ticket buyers.

The only good news about going to the movies is that you get to buy it right off the website with online payment. But with everything going absolutely mobile, things have taken a very interesting twist in the form of mobile QR Codes and smart phones.

Now, not only is it possible for movie lovers to browse, on their smart phones, the latest movies showing in cinemas near them, it is also possible to purchase the tickets while waiting for their meals to be served. Talk about mobility, eh?

The concept is not all that new because last year and the year before, some cinemas were already offering online ticket booking services. The difference is that you will need to get to the cinema and wait at the somewhat shorter line to get the paper ticket. Not anymore.

With QR Codes, all you need is to download a QR Code into your phone once the purchasing process is over, and you’re done. When you arrive at the cinema, all-ready for your show, you go straight to the cinema and flash the QR Code on your phone and you are well on your way. At the entrance, the employees are armed with a special barcode scanner that reads QR Codes.

But all this, as astonishingly exciting as it sounds, is only at its infancy stage and the movie to roll out this form of mobile ticketing is the movie ‘Fandango’ and is available only in several theaters in and around the United States.

To name a few of these cinemas: In NY, there’s City Cinema, Angelika Film Center, The Paris Theater. In Houston, Angelika Film Center is having the same thing. In New Jersey, only Manville 12 Plex is rolling with the new fad and in the meantime, La Messa Grossmont Center and Clairemont Town Square Stadium in San Diego are keen to follow.

This list is not the complete one because you can find out more information about this form of QR Code ticketing from the website www.movietickets.com.

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