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Smaller Brands Cropping Up For Smartphone Industry


Apple and Samsung – two of the biggest names in the smartphone game. Hardly anyone else has the same push power these two tech giants have, which is the very reason why some smaller (and sometimes better) brand names remain lost in transition. Which can be quite a pity, really. There are other smartphones that deserve our attention and since nearly all smartphones and tablets are small, light and look just about the same, perhaps we should question what we are paying for when we make that purchase.

Apple ranks right up there for selling some of the most expensive devices and Samsung is not the only company/brand to offer us other alternatives without compromising the quality of the products. Blu Products is a new name in the industry, the name is almost never heard of outside of South America but they are making headway and waves there. Perhaps, paving an inroad into the North too.

While we are paying, on average, seven hundred to more than a thousand dollars for a medium to top range smartphone, brands like Blu are selling them for approximately three hundred dollars per pop. You must admit that is quite a dramatic difference, right?

After all, for companies like Apple and Samsung, they are are dealing with major markups here and there from the time the phone is made to the time the phone gets into the hands of the end-consumer. There is massive overhead to cover in terms of research and development, manpower, sourcing, marketing and manufacturing. They are manufacturing the products on a large scale, understandably, they need to make a nice, neat profit at the end of the day too.

According to some news in the grapevine, what Blu has to offer is not too far off the mark when compared to the leading brand of smartphones in the market today. Sure, the smartphones might be on the high end in every respect but the lacking is insignificant, according to a source and reviewer of the product. What is basically missing is all the fanfare, but do we need all the fanfare? Most people will answer in the negative, I think. We love the fanfare but we most certainly can do without it. It is like icing….do we need the icing on the cake? Nope, it’s pretty but the cake is good enough.

So, in short, many other smartphone makers and marketers are going about it the same way…the same can be said for HTC and many other smaller companies too. They are basically giving people who don’t take home nearly as lucrative an income the chance to own a smartphone and be in on the whole tech world too.

And besides, there will be no queue to contend with during a launch of a new model. Much appreciated.

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