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Skechers Ventures Into Mobile Marketing


Putting a QR Code onto your print ad is most certainly a fine way to get good scan rate. By placing a QR Code in a magazine, it totally brings the print ad to life and it works towards helping people become more aware of a particular brand and is a surefire way to get the consumers to act on the spot if there is an effective call-to-action.

Skechers is another large brand name that has recently jumped into the bandwagon when they included a QR Code in one of the ads in Glamor Magazine. The ad promoted the latest Skechers line of shoes called the GOwalk.

The decision to place QR Codes on their latest ads is the best way to get their consumers to take notice of and engage with the people behind the brand. Based on a survey done up and data collected from the survey, it was found that many of Skechers’ consumers were finding information, buying and connecting with each other on their mobile phones and devices, which included tabs. In short, they need to go where their consumers are heading and decided that mobile is the way to go.

In most cases, placing a QR Code or attempts at turning static ads into more interactive ones may cost the company a little bit more money but I can safely say that it is, more often than not, money well spent.

In an article, it was said that the Skechers QR Code leads mobile consumers to a landing page whereby they can select a product video to watch. That is a good move because leading consumers to a specific page that is direct and to-the-point is far better than giving them bulky sites and loads of texts to read.

One of the best things about using QR Codes in a marketing campaign is that the QR Code can not only be saved but it can also be easily shared with friends either via Bluetooth, emails, texts, and online social networking accounts. It keeps the communication line open between the brand and its consumers which will eventually lead to a deeper and better relationship over time.

Another good move by Skechers is their decision to add a shopping cart at the landing pages which is an amazing call-to-action.

Thumbs up so far!

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