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Simple Reminders About What Makes A Good QR Code Campaign


We have, in the past, written a lot about what you should do with your QR Code marketing strategy and have also touched a little bit on what you shouldn’t do but let me reiterate a little about what you SHOULDN’T do because we have been seeing nothing but exceptional QR Code campaigns going about it the wrong way. But of course, this is merely my take, please do feel free to let me know if you feel and think otherwise.

First off, your QR Code should take mobile phone users to a mobile-friendly page…not just your main site. Actually, there ARE people who are completely dead against leading mobile users simply to the homepage of a website. Unless it is a brand strategy game-plan or when you are ready to tell the world about your new website design, you should spend some time and perhaps, a little money, on creating a more relevant page and then get mobile phone users to go to that particular page with the QR Code.

If it is an ad for a brand new line of shoes, lead them there directly! As it is, screens are relatively small on a mobile phone, it would turn out to be a horrible experience for them if they have fish around for the right link about those shoes you were advertising. In short, make things easy for them. Just keep in mind that it takes effort to pull out the phone, load the QR Code reader and scan…it all takes time and expectation is high.

Creating the world’s largest QR Code on your farm is a great thing because it shows that you are attempting a feat that noone’s done before. It shows initiative. But on the practical side of things, it doesn’t really work, does it? Not when the rest of us who are reading it in front of our computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet and not hovering over the sky or something to that effect.

And if you have a 30-second commercial and you wish to feature a QR Code, I think it simply makes more sense if you gave viewers the chance to scan the QR Code, if not the first time round, at the very least they should enough time to pull their phone up with time enough to scan the code. So, ensure that the QR Code is there during the whole commercial instead of two to three seconds at the end of the commercial.

And remember, you need to give your fans an incentive to do it and for that, you need an instant call-to-action.

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