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The same way we can upload, update and delete our personal information on Facebook, Twitter or our blogs, imagine if it was possible for us to create and then upload our personal information in the form of a QR Code into a website and then share it with others. It’s, per se, a form of online social networking with a mobile phone twist, wouldn’t you think?

The world is already waking up to the fact that QR Code is the next level-up to internet connectivity. It’s no longer the ‘younger generation’ thing. If you looked closer, you’ll see that as mobile phones expire or get spoiled, people replace them with better models. When they approach a mobile phone outlet, the first thing the sales people would recommend are iPhones of Blackberrys. The change is definite – the new generation will view the device in the palm of their hands as more than just merely a phone. It will become a computer in more ways than one.

It seems like the perfect time for ScannedCards.com and www.BeQRious.com to launch. With the former, everyone can now exchange their QR Code information, i.e. virtual business card with one another. It eliminates the need to meet up with one another in order to exchange business cards. When it’s virtual, everything can be done automatically online. However, users will need to register themselves with the site – www.scannedcards.com.

If you don’t already have a QR Code made, you can make one over here right now. It’s simple and FREE. http://beqrious.com/generator. Yes, creation of QR Code is absolutely free.

Not only will other users of the website see and exchange QR Code with you, they can access the codes and share them with others that they meet OFFline via their mobile phones. Let say Jack is meeting up with Phillip for business lunch and Jack finds out that Phillip is looking for a secretary. Jack, who uses a virtual assistant, recommends that he uses one as well because it’s simply more efficient that way. Phillip’s got no idea how to find one.

Jack logs into ScannedCards.com and searches for one, finds a few QR Codes scans them and shows the information to Phillip. Phillip is interested and intrigued; he then registers himself as a user to share a QR Code business card that he made with…of course, www.beqrious.com.

The difference between the print-based business card with the QR Code business card is that the QR Code is never out of date. When it leads you to a website, it stores only the latest and most updated version. Not only will that save you lots of time but money from printing new business cards as well.

The world is changing with the introduction and extensive use of QR Codes.

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2 Responses to Share Your QR Code Business Card Online

  1. Adam Giovane November 22, 2009, 3:03 am

    Interesting idea in principle. Should move to be a free back up of phone contacts database, then charge $5 a year for premium of higher number of data transfers etc. Can see an exiting site doing this once QR codes are more widely adopted.

  2. jiddijeet June 25, 2011, 2:03 am

    Thnx for this wonderful application insight info .I have read about qr codes,i have got a keen interst in qr codes & i wanna learn things regarding qr codes so that i cud do something related to qr code,pl.guide my wht nxt to do. specially in educational field & personal networking i.e. business card etc,looking forward ur guidance like a mentor

    kind rgds

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