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SEO Tips for New Business Website Owners


If you are planning a new website or hiring a professional Web designer to do it for you, you should keep in mind that your website would be worth nothing to you if people can’t find it.

Needless to say, you should have search engine optimization in mind, even at the design stages of your site.  Here are five things that you should remember if you are designing a new website that is easy to optimize for search engines:

1. Make sure that you have an effective internal links.  It is always good to have categories and tags for your posts or pages.  This way, everything that is related to one another would be linked.  For instance, QR code articles should be linked to other QR code articles.

2. Use Flash sparingly.  While Flash can give you a really beautiful and eye-catching website while also impressing your site’s visitors, it really does not rank well with searches. 

3. Use text as much as possible.  A lot of sites use graphics for their links or navigation buttons because it gives them more control over the appearance.  But it is better to use text so that you make it easier for spiders to index your pages.  If you use an image, however, make sure that you also use alt tags to identify them.

4. Put your keywords in your URL.  You should include your keywords in your URL, this will help your users to know just what kind of content you are going to serve up and will also help search engine spiders to properly index your pages.

5. Avoid splash pages.  You have encountered splash pages before when a page greets you with a fancy welcome page that really does nothing but try to impress you.  Without any real purpose, do away with splash pages because these page might get indexed, instead of your real home page where all the important information is!


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