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We were writing on Augmented Reality a little while back and that reminded us about another type of augmented reality that could really help sell stuff. This is what we call Mobile Augmented Reality System or in short, MARS.

We heard about a QR Code party in Japan whereby everyone who attended was required to wear a QR code that led to their myspace profile some time back and that is an incredibly inventive way to promote their profile pages on myspace. The same can be done for facebook or twitter, really, so, at the end of reading this article, we hope to have given you some new, fresh ideas on how to give your party a little bit of a twist there. So, this is what we are going to suggest for businesses too.

Anyway, back to MARS. With the said system, the reality of seeing something that could really help swing your decision can be presented to you right there on your cell phone. Just imagine an exhibition for property with QR Codes tagged on displays and brochures, cards and all hand-outs. People who attended the exhibition who walks past and is mildly curious about the properly that the real estate agent can scan QR codes with their cell phones. The said scan will bring them to a mobile web portal which enables instant 3D viewing of a showroom (if the house is not built yet).

For sellers of home, this is precisely what can be done to ‘augment’ (for lack of a better word) the selling experience too.

When putting out an advertisement in a local paper, make a request for a QR Code to be printed along with it. Interested buyers will gain instant access to the mobile site. If they like it, they call you, if they don’t, they pass. This also takes away the pain of hits-and-misses in the real estate industry. We know how painful it is whenever you have to go from one real estate agent to another, going from one house to another, hit by one disappointment after another.

With the use of QR code, the journey is made a little easier in the sense that the people who call you have already partially viewed the home that you are trying to sell via the QR Code…and they are interested in seeing the real thing.

That is how MARS can really help you sell stuff more effectively.

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