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Sell Your Home With Your Phone

All this is possible if there was a simple 2D barcode that mobile phone users can easily scan when they drive by. It’s common if you find yourself standing in front of a home, quite unable to make up your mind about it because you want more information. All that is about to come to an end as the real estate industry explores possibility. Some companies have already tested out systems and mobile phone technology trying to see how using 2D barcodes on the properties can help them sell or rent out their homes faster and cheaper. In fact, these 2D bar codes can be placed as a form of advertisement in newspapers.

What the interested buyer can find when he or she scans the 2D barcode is the basic information like description, selling price, phone number and also images or videos. But that’s not the end of the story. Large corporations are already quickly catching on to the changing trend and have come up with portals and platforms that go beyond that.

By scanning the 2D barcode, interested parties will be brought to a site where they can not only browse, but also leave messages asking for more specific details and interact with the seller of the home! This is precisely what Snappr.net is doing. If you’ve not heard of Snappr.net, we think you should take a look at the website. In short, sites like Snappr.net allow their users to create a listing for something they’re trying to sell or rent in the website. What’s more interesting is that you can print a 2D barcode and place it wherever you want to post it; when others capture and scan the barcode, they would be led to your Snappr.net listing whereby the can view all the description, information and images that you have uploaded together with the listing AND send you messages too.

This forms a bridge between busy sellers and interested buyers – all of this through the mobile phone! When Snappr.net announced this new tool, the real estate industry in many parts of Asia and Europe perked their ears and saw an opportunity for them market property easily.

The concept and idea is still very new and raw but this is an interesting approach to real estate marketing. And Snappr.net has started the ball rolling because it is free to use. NeoSign Technology, a brand new campaign is ready to roll out and this is altogether another type of technology which is aimed specifically at the real estate market.

So now that the real estate market has caught on in Europe, we’re left wondering which industry would be the next to catch on this 2D barcode train.

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