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When a company pays for a commercial, not only are they looking for a reaction from their consumers, they are also trying to play with consumers’ minds. They want you to remember so that the next time you walk past their store, it is going to register as something interesting to check out and…hopefully, buy.

But why all that hoping when you can get consumers to react instantly. The very moment the commercial ends?


But why all that hoping when you can get consumers to react instantly. You can make it happen with a simple call for action…a QR Code. A quick invitation for them to ‘check it out’.

When it comes down to advertising, it is about the sale and that is, sometimes, the only thing that counts. With QR Codes in place, you tell your customers, ‘Hey, this is it. Just click and scan this and you can have that product or use the service’. Consumers love it when you make it easy for them to get what they want.

Advertisers should look into how to get into a couch potato’s head instead of trying to get the couch potato to move away from the television. How? Turn the QR Code into a point of sale. One scan is all they need to do if they want to get more info about the product or buy it straight off!

The idea is a spin off from print advertising, of course. The same way that print advertising are becoming interactive and in-your-face, television commercials should be too. One might wonder if it is at all possible since TV lovers are usually slow in their response. Would they, really, scan the QR Codes? Research reveals that….yes, they would. Especially if their cell phones are just right by their sides…which is most probably the case.

What is even more interesting is the fact that the URLs that you point them to on the QR Code can be saved into the cell phone for further perusal or sharing with friends. Eventually, it might even go viral.

Having a QR Code on a TV commercial could mean not only an increase of sale but also better branding. Because the idea of QR Code is rather novel at the point of this article (yes, we have been seeing them around at large cities, but not so at smaller ones in other parts of the country), the company or brand can ride on the wave of them being innovative.

So, if you’ve not thought about placing a QR Code on YOUR commercials and print ads, think about it now. And if you are already thinking about it, try taking it a step further….how about customizing the QR Code?


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